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plastic injection molding machine
  320T plastic injection molding machine
plastic injection molding machine
   plastic injection molding machine
Die-casting machine
   Die-casting machine
Injection Molding Machine,die casting machine,full automatic peripheral devices
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WUXI CAIFENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in manufacturing cold﹠hot die casting machine and plastic injection molding machine. The company has been in injection for ten years and the products are welcome by many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.
CAIFENG grows steadily with leading technical concept in the field of die-casting machines and injection machines, taking how to completely upgrade customers’ competitiveness and how to create and promote multi-valuable products as the company’s core. Insistence and devotion in profession, CAIFENG creates a win-win situation and enhances the highest value in sacial exchange theory. Customers’ requirement of the quality is the goal; reasonable price is the market guide. The company has established a sound after-sales service team, who can provide customers with excellent service timely.
High quality is always the business goal of CAIFENG. The valuable experience of long-term integrated with customers tells us that we must strength the function of die-casting machines and injection machines; from general to sophisticated, all products should have high output to reduce the cost, increase added value and create business advantage. The company’s motto is precision and excellence. To promote the quality continuously, to enhance the technology, to cooperate with Germany well-known companies, CAFENG is always trying hard to make their technology to a higher level.
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