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Fomtec Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Fomtec Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Fomtec Machinery Co., Ltd.
Pen injection machine
  FP-600 Pen injection machine
Semiautomatic zipper injection machine
  F-150KC-Z Semiautomatic zipper injection machine
Two-Color vertica machine with rotary table
  FT-500K-3RC Two-Color vertica machine with rotary table
FK Series Vertical injection molding machines
  FK-1500DS FK Series Vertical injection molding machines
FC Double sliding table machine
  FC-450DS FC Double sliding table machine
FC Standard machine
  FC-450 FC Standard machine
FT-K Double workstation rotary table machine
  FT-250KR2 FT-K Double workstation rotary table machine
FT-K Double sliding table machine
  FT-250KDS FT-K Double sliding table machine
FT-K Single sliding table machine
  FT-250KS FT-K Single sliding table machine
FT-K Standard machine
  F-150K FT-K Standard machine
Direct hydraulic injection molding machines
  FD-60A Direct hydraulic injection molding machines
Thermosetting injection machine
  FT-1000B Thermosetting injection machine
Vertical Injection Molding Machine,Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
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FOMTEC PLASTIC MACHINERY is a leading enterprise in Chinese vertical injection molding machine industry. We have devoted ourselves into this field since 1987. After over 20-years development, we now possess modern production bases both in Suzhou and Guangzhou, covering a total area of over 100,000 square meters. We have not only the internationally advanced facilities like CNC machine tools, but also the most professional team for research and management.
FOMTEC Machinery has successfully developed and promoted FT, FC, FK and FD series of machines which the clamping force ranging from 12 tons to 650 tons, the injection capacity ranging from 35 grams to 8000 grams. Our main products include:
FT Series: Vertical clamp and vertical injection molding machines
FC Series: Tie-bar-less vertical clamp and horizontal injection molding machines
FK Series: Vertical clamp and horizontal injection molding machines
FD Series: Horizontal direct hydraulic clamp injection molding machines
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  Fax:86-20-36850100 86-512-65780988
Tel:86-20-36850111 86-512-65789777
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