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Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding machine
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Products Name: TB-Series Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding machine
Products Infomation:
Microcomputer controller provides accuracy, precision, stability and fast reaction. System memory can store up to 120 sets of molding parameters. Auto diagnostic monitor system can detect malfunction immediately shorter the troubleshooting time.
2.Microcomputer control system provide 4-step injection control with adjustable pressure/speed and 3-step holding pressure to meet most complicated molding requirements.
3.Special toggle design of the toggle has smooth and stable movement. Low-pressure protection device is utilized to prevent unintended damage of the mold. Toggle pins equipped with oil-less bushings and auto lubrication device provide excellent lubrication efficiency and extend the machine life.
4.Shorter machines make the room can be used with good flexibility. The toggle mechanism has much longer clamping stroke than traditional toggle machines.
5.Lumped hydraulic circuit reduces power resumption and noise. Exposed hydraulic circuit makes maintenance easier.
6.HWA CHIN machine parts are machined by imported Japanese machining equipment, and rigorously inspected by 3D measuring device to ensure superior quality and accuracy.
7.Through 30 years improvement and upgrade, specification, construction strength and functions absolutely satisfy customers' requirement.
Products Infomation:
Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding machine
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