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Hydraulic Piston Clamping Series
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Products Name: HC-CL SeriesHydraulic Piston Clamping Series
Products Infomation:
Hwa Chin Super Turbo series hydraulic clamping plastic injection molding machines have for many years enjoyed an excellent reputation with manufacturers as a result of their high precision and high production quality. They represent efficiency and reliability in continuous operations. Hwa Chin Super Turbo Series are designed and engineered on the base of extensive experience and know-how. The series sets the highest standards for plastic injection molding operations. Their advanced design demonstrates the outstanding engineering capability of Hwa Chin.
Since the company's establishment, Hwa Chin has been dedicated to the pursuit of technological leadership. This drive has produced a remarkable number of innovations, many of which are patented in several countries; for example, the 4-cylinder injection mechanism, the patented clamping unit and the patented slideway.
From the light duty 400 ton to the heavy duty 4000 ton model, Hwa Chin Super Turbo Series injection molding machines feature faster production rates, precision product quality, rugged and precise construction throughout, maximum stability, reduced energy consumption and stable molding conditions. Each machine is equipped with an advanced user-friendly microcomputer controller, ensuring the best quality of molded product. Hwa Chin machines have been sold throughout the world, to the full satisfaction of our customers.
This is Hwa Chin's experience, know-how and industry recognition.
Microcomputer controller provides superior molding quality
Malfunction diagnostic with alarm message
Can be online with a PC
9 steps injection control to meet all types of molding requirements
Automatic mold thickness adjustment
5 points vibrating hydraulic ejector
Low pressure mold protection
Injection carrier with lubrication free slideway
Automatic backpressure relief prevents melted resin leaking from nozzle
Exclusive 4 cylinder injection mechanism (optional)
Lumped circuit and pressure tracing device to reduce power consumption and noise
Hwa Chin machine parts are machined by imported Japanese machining equipment, and rigorously inspected by three-dimensional measuring machine to ensure superior parts quality and accuracy.
Special wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant bimetallic barrel greatly extends service life of the barrel.
Powerful, patented clamping system.
Square tube constructed machine base for added rigidity and stability.
Products Infomation:
Hydraulic Piston Clamping Series
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HC-250Microcomputer plastic injection molding machine

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