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Electric Injection Molding Machine
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Products Name: MIRL SeriesElectric Injection Molding Machine
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Electric Injection Molding Machine

MIRL Series


With the cooperation of government-run Industrial Techology Research Institute, we developed The electric injection molding machine with above Features:

STABLE: -The4-point double toggle system gives a stable force to platen when clamp force is established. Thru the help of servo-motor and ball scr it will reach a high speed and precision in moving stroke(+/- 0.005m tolerance) FAST: -The fast cycle time and stability under high production capacity will create the high profit and low your invested cost at leate 30% QUIET -Injection, Charging, Mold opening/closing, Ejection stroke are driven by separated actuators. Different from Hydraulic machine, The stand-by time is eliminated. So it is very quiet and environment. ENERGY-SAVING -Hydraulic oil is not required, you don't need the heat-exchange system to cool the oil temperature. It will save 65% water consumption with comparison to hydraulic machine.

EPCIO controller: -9.4 LCD color screen and 20 sets of built-memory and external memory-All pages are easily dislayed in the screen. The operator can see and change the permitted values without any difficult.-Thru the 'password,'the senior engineer could see/and adjust the technical data.-Auto diagosis, print, statistics(SPC)..Etc are available.

Products Infomation:
Electric Injection Molding Machine
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