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BT Series ( high speed )
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Products Name: BT Series ( high speed )
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  Fast Efficiency Precision Enviornment
  With new process and pioneering technology. Lien Yu develops the BT-type fast cycle injection molding Machine with above features to meet those customers who Have some technical problems in shooting thin-walled or Highly complex articles.Under competition, A constant operation with Perfectly products and the lowest possible reject rate are to be considered into the cost.BT possesses the high injection pressure/speed to reach a perfect products which will advantage to users in long-term investment.
  CLAMPING UNIT Sturdy platens which will reduce the deformation when injection is operating. Five-point of toggle system gives a fast opening/closing movement. Steel bushing to all toggle pins. Linear transducer to clamping stroke Auto lubrication system to all pins T-slot mounting platens Europ ejection pattern
  INJECTION UNIT Powerful hydraulic charging motor. High injection pressure(2,050-2,900bar). High injection speed(140.0-330.0mm/sec). Enlarged motor/pump to reach a high injection pressure/speed. Longer barrel/screw with 22-25 L/D ratio provides a better melting. Fast micro-processor control WM-05. Pressure & flow control servo valve(PQS-type).
  Options Oilessness bushing In-line Accumulator to give a stable injection pressure Easy-9600 single color, Easy-9000 multi-color/5.7 screen or EMPC-9000 muliti-color/7.4 screen. Injection stroke controlled by 'Rexroth' or 'Moog' proportional speed valve. Bimetalic barrel/screw for special purpose.

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