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Products Name: Va-series
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All-electric injection molding machines eliminate the need for hydraulic oil. Accordingly, oil-connected maintenance and safety measures become unnecessary with considerable reduction of the operating costs as a direct consequence. Also, no costs accrue in the erection of new production shops for oil separation measures, and there is no expensive disposal of oil-contaminated components and materials. The heat release of all-electric machines is very low. Therefore, the costs for the air-conditioning of the production hall can be considerably reduced. In comparison to hydraulic elements, which are sensitive to dirt in the oil, electromotor and mechanical drives are less liable to faults. In fact, field experiences with the machines supplied so far are in line with the expectation of a superior uptime availability of all-electric machines in comparison to hydraulic equivalents.
Standard Features:

* Japanese servo motors * Swiss strain gauges for tie-bars
* Carriage driven by brake motor * Electric motor for die height adjust.
* TKB oiless bushings * Five stage injection
* High tensile steel tie-bars * Four stage holding
* C7 ball screw, accuarcy of 0.01mm * Suck back function
* Cold start prevention * Aluminium alloy deceleration device
* FCD 50 platens * Oil free sliding shoe
* ABS built in encoder * 10" LCD screen
* PID temperature control * Melt decompression
* 60 mould setting storage * Euromap platen specifications
* Printer port & interface * Single air blow
* VPC2000 control system * Single core pull
* Linear displacement transducers * RS 232 interface

Optional Features:

* Mould temperature controller * Unscrew device
* Hopper Dryer * PVC screw & barrel
* Auto loader * Conveyors
* Robot interface * Water chiller
* Granulator * Robot
* Ejector during mould open * RPM display

Products Infomation:
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