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Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
· Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Vr-Series
Products Infomation:

Victor Taichung introduce the newly developed Vl-series of Injection Moulding machines. With clamping forces of 800-1600 tons, these machines were designed form the ground up to accommodate the moulding of high volume, high precision, large parts. The high accuracy machine movements of these large machines is obtained with the use of high quality components in the carefully designed control and hydraulic systems.
Standard Features:

* Dual injection cylinders * Single carriage cylinder
* High torque screw motor * Hydraulic motor die height adjust.
* Graphite/bronze phosphor bushings * Five stage injection
* High tensile steel tie-bars * Four stage holding
* Swiveling injection unit * Suck back function
* Cold start prevention * Large bore hydraulic hoses
* Bosch proportional valve * Oil free sliding shoe
* By-pass oil filter * Pressure gauge reading of all functions
* Tokimec directional/flow valves * Melt decompression
* Integral nest tube heat exchanger * Euromap platen specifications
* NOK hydraulic seals * Single air blow
* V-8000 control system * Single core pull
* Linear displacement transducers * RS 232 interface
* 10" LCD screen * Printer port & interface
* 60 mould setting storage * PID temperature control

Optional Features:

* Mould temperature controller * Unscrew device
* Hopper Dryer * Spring shut off nozzle
* Auto loader * Auto clamp force set-up
* Robot interface * Water chiller
* Granulator * Robot
* Ejector during mould open * RPM display
* Conveyors * PVC screw & barrel

Products Infomation:
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