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Products Name: Vr-Series
Products Infomation:

In todays increasingly competitive plastics processing industry, being first past the post is never easy. Therefore we introduce the new Vr-series, a precision built injection moulding machine range. Each model is designed from the ground up to give productivity and quality, without the headaches
Standard Features:

* Dual injection cylinders * Dual carriage cylinders
* High torque screw motor * Electric break motor die height adjustment
* Graphite/bronze phosphor bushings * Five stage injection
* High tensile steel tie-bars * Four stage holding
* Swiveling injection unit * Suck back function
* Fully enclosed guarding * Large bore hydraulic hoses
* Bosch proportional valve * NOK roller bearings
* By-pass oil filter * Pressure gauge reading of all functions
* Tokimec directional/flow valves * Injection curve display
* Integral nest tube heat exchanger * Euromap platen specifications
* Merkel/NOK hydraulic seals * Single air blow
* V-8000 control system * Single core pull
* Linear displacement transducers * RS 232 interface
* 10" LCD screen * Printer port & interface
* 60 mould setting storage * PID temperature control

Optional Features:

* Fully closed loop hydraulic system * Double ejector
* Mould temperature controller * Unscrew device
* Hopper Dryer * Spring shut off nozzle
* Auto loader * Auto clamp force set-up
* Robot interface * Water chiller
* Granulator * Robot
* Accumulator * RPM display
* Conveyors * PVC screw & barrel

Products Infomation:
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