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AE/AF Series - High-Speed / Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine : AE-30, 50
Products Name: AE/AF Series - High-Speed / Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine : AE-30, 50
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AE Series High-Speed/Close Loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine: AE-30, AE-50, AE-100, AE-200, AE-300, AE-400, AE-550

FCS announced complete new and intelligent model of HT series in the beginning of 2001 after struggling reaserching and development for so many years. To have further raising of technology level, FCS announce another new injection molding machines with close-loop by hybrid type of electricity and oil. By the technology of leader and complete new products guided the field of injection molding machines in Taiwan to approach new generation.

Clamping Unit

This model of precision injection molding machine is a new hybrid electricity and oil with high-speed injection and close loop system. To reach the purpose of injection under continuous high speed and precision, the clamping unit of this model of machine applied complete new and high rigid structure and MOOG close-loop high respondence servo valve. The tolerance of aliment of platen is less than 0.05mm, the precision of clamping setting position is +-0.1mm, the preciison of clamping force control is +-0.5%. The lubrication of teggle system applied release pressure lubrication system by electrically filling grease which was made in Japan to get strong efficiency of lubrication and to save oil.

Injection Unit

Injectio unit applied AC servo-motor to feed materials, matching MOOG close-loop high respondence servo valve and accumulator, the screw rotation speed during feeding materials can be 356 rpm, the maximum injection speed can be 600mm/sec, the tolerance of injection and charge speed is less than +-0.1% and the tolerance of injeciton position is +-0.1mm. The precision of setting position is 0.05mm, the precision of controlling time is 0.01 sec, the tolerance of product weight is less than 0.1%. The precision of back pressure and hold pressure control is +10.5%. Generally speaking, the precision and stabilization are almost on same lever as all electric injection machiens to be suitable for producing super thin parts and products of micro-complicate precision.

Special Function

This model of machine also have the function of multi-stages injection-press, which can be suitable for the products of large area thin wall under low pressure of molding. Due to applying the structure by hybrid type of electricity and oil, it is able to do the process of feeding materials and opening-closing mold at the same time, to save much cycle time of molding. Also, the hydraulic system of this machine applied the energy saving pump system to keep both functions of speedy and saving energy, saving 35% of energy than traditional machines.

Control System

The new control system FCS-2100 is built into this series of machines which provides touch board funcitonality and PC-based to load a 32 bit high speed CPU, the speed of system reaction is able to reach 1.2ms, having good sensitive reactio and stabilizing. Through RS422 card to connect Internet in computer for matching data-system in producing management ot process center menagement of whole plant and the watching in quality element. And be able to go through Internet to do production management to reach the situation of "Single machine in intelligent stage, whole plant in network stage".

Products Infomation:
AE/AF Series - High-Speed / Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine : AE-30, 50
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