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Vertical Injection Molding Machine (15)
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This machine features a footplate with two clamps and three injection plates and can be confiqured either as two separate large-base color extruders using two different materials,or as a single three-color exturder.It is a highly useful machine for production of athletic shoe soles.
The horizontal extruder uses 1000mm of travel with an accuracy of ±0.01mm in four seconds.Upward and downward movement,insertion and retraction are all adjustable,and setting of the frame,mold and speed is very precise.
400 tons of closing pressure with an extra-long travel of 450mm.Two or three level platen,with windows-type programs for hot molding,plus an ergonomically-designed operating system,automatic testing and fast,easy set-up.
Independent hydraulics and circuit systems as well as numerous energy-saving featrues make this a valuable tool for the shoewear industry.

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