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Products Name: DNT Series
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1.Big width between tie bars is roomy for mold installation and dismounting.
2.Special rotary plate structure features smooth rotation, the plate never drops and positions precisely. When rotating, the plate wont touch the platen wall, reducing the breakdown caused by frequent friction.
3.Double set of hydraulic circuit pressure system, independent control of injection pressure and injection speed.
4.Mold clamping system is made of up-down and inward direction double toggle. Clamping movable platen is firm and resistant of shape deformation that can fully protect molds and boost the product quality.
5.Simple design, easy maintenance.
6.New ES-250 Japanese-made controller with 9.7 color LCD display screen which can connect to computer to carry out centralized management and monitoring.
A.B nozzle is horizontally arranged; in-line double cylinders features simplification, even injection force, easy maintenance and low breakdown.
7.The main bed structure is square steel pipes that enhance strength and manipulating steadiness.
8.Reinforced platens structure with help of PRO-E computer assistance analysis characterizes the Dual color injection molding machine series, the trend of molding in the future. Deflection rate is kept less than 0.01mm per 100mm length.
9.Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, preventing the operator from injury.
10.The Tie bars are made of NH48MV alloy steel imported from Japan. Their stress-eliminating design and machining strengthens the tie-bars rigidity without worry about the possibility of breakage after long-time use.

Products Infomation:
DNT Series
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