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Products Name: DHT Series
Products Infomation:

1.The centralized clamping forces on molding make it maintain the original shape and raise the product precision and steadiness.
2.Safe and low-pressure mold protection that prevent molds from damaging. The big width between tie bar design can contain large-sized molds.
3.Steady, reliable P.I.D. temperature control ensures high-quality and efficiency of plastic products. 4.Material and changing color are completed by automatic material purging function. Dual loop controlled system can feed materials and open molds at the same time.
5.Steady pressure feedback detecting system
6.Electrically, hydraulically and mechanically controlled equipment assures multi safety.
7.Precise injection hydraulic unit and closed loop system is available.
8.Individual power and control system enhance steadiness and duration.
9.Double high speed clamping cylinder, so even clamping force is transferred to the entire mold and thus precise molding can be easily done.
10.Hydraulic clamping system can get precise clamping force. Multi-phase controlled clamping pressure and multi-functional injection and holding are also built in.
11.The finite element analysis of mold platen enhances platen strength and raises duration.
12.Radial piston type hydraulic motor features high steadiness and torque output, high rotation speed and can shorten the melting time for engineering plastics.
13.New ES-250 Japanese-made controller that can connect to computer to carry out centralized management and monitoring.
14.With computerized thread grinding machine, the screw is grinded precisely.
15.Screw underwent the ion and nitrogen treatment ensures the duration.

Products Infomation:
DHT Series
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