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Controller-Control Panel
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Enaiviv Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
· Enaiviv Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
Products Name: C-6000Controller-Control Panel
Products Infomation:

Newest computer control with LCD screen
100 sets mold memory
Vocal alarm system(optional)
Robot program
Quantity batch control
Total production quantity control
Product quality control monitor
Hydraulic, electronic & mechanic- safety devices
Japan made hydraulic valves
Injection with intrusion output
Access code design
Malfunction detecting function
Bad quality display
Self-detect function
RS232 connection port
Printer connection device
In-door temp. display
Heater, fuse, SSR alarm device
Temp. wire, dis-connection & heating un-normal alarm system
Japan Fuji Electric leakage safety device
Motor protection device
Cycle time & quantity counting
Products counting from zero
Over high oil Temp. alarm system

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