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Enaiviv Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
· Enaiviv Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
Products Name: EN-120EN Series
Products Infomation:

• Japan-made alloy steel NH48MV for tie bars 30% increase to tension.
• FCD55 DUCTILE cast steel mold platen.
• Italy-made precision transducer.
• Super low-pressure mold protection.
• Automatic mold thickness adjustment.
• Three stage clamping speed:Quick,Middle,Slow.
• Auto lubrication system.
• Core pull device.
• Air ejector.
• Vibrate eject/continuous eject.
• Mold-sets fixing circle
• Up-to-date LCD screen with 100 sets of memories(optional).
• Vocal alarm system for malfunction(optional).
• Access code design.
• Robot program.
• Quantity batch control.
• Production quantity control.
• Product quality control monitor.
• Voltage regulator.
• Electric,hydraulic & mechanic 3-ply safety protection.
• Japan made hydraulic valves.
• Electric malfunction indicator.
• Injection with intrusion capacity.
• Quality control at injection cushion.
• Screen set in 5 languages..
• German-made ACM2 screw.
• Italy-made hydraulic motor.
• US or Japan made hydraulic pump.
• Japan-made SCAM645 alloy steel barrel.
• UK made high pressure pipe.
• Six injection stage pressure and speed.
• Italy-made precise trasducer.
• Three stage injection screw RPM.
• Automatic resin residual washing.
• Back pressure indication.
• SKDM injection cylinder without welding line.
• Intensed andi-leakage packing unit in oil cylinder.
• No welding hydraulic pipes.

Products Infomation:
EN Series
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