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Plastic Sole Injection Molding Machine
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Products Name: HM-108-3CPlastic Sole Injection Molding Machine
Products Infomation:
1.This machine is suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic raw materials,foaming or non foaming,such as PVC,TPR etc. for soles injecting.
2.The close mold with two steps control make no damage to the mold,materials are injected by two stepspressures.
3.The rotary driving uses oil pressure motor,and it’s free controlled noiseless for material supplying speed. All material supplying capacity is controlled by computer,it is always with standard material supplying capacity.
4.This machine can produce one /two/three color products.
5.The machine’s output is 150 pair/hour.
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HM-108Plastic Sole Injection Molding Machine

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