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Injection Machinery Series
Horizontal Injection Molding Machine(479) Vertical Injection Molding Machine(191)
Horizontal Bakelite Injection Molding Machine(22) Vertical Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine(24)
Horizontal Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine(23) Vertical Bakelite Injection Molding Machine(14)
BMC injection molding machine(8) Toggle injection molding machine(13)
Hydraulic Compression Molding Machine(36) PET Preform injection molding machine(9)
Full Electric injection molding machine(1) CAP injection molding machine(2)
Various Shoe Injection Molding Machine(50) Other Injection Machines(20)
Hot Product
KR-D(Single Slide)
E Series
FT-1000BThermosetting injection machine
HMC Bulk Mould Compound Injection Molding Machine
Saving Energy Injection molding machine
Vs serise
CAP Series - Ultra-High Speed Closure Production System : CAP16/28
PET serise
YJ-1100Transfer type molding machine for thermoset plastic

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